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With the double threat of influenza and corona outbreak in China, experts warn

Weak collective immunity due to preventive measures may be responsible for the spread of influenza disease.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in South China, where there is a shortage of medicines. Doctors have since warned of the dangers of both influenza and corona. A government media report said this on Monday.

Experts say:

According to a report by Global Times, experts said that the collective immunity weakened by continuous coronary preventive measures might be responsible for the increase in influenza outbreaks. The number of people suffering from influenza is much higher than in winter. Such a situation arises when the infection spreads more rapidly. This is worrisome, doctors and experts say.

According to the Global Times, a recent report by the Chinese National Influenza Center (CNIC) states that between April 4 and June 19, 507 cases were reported in 17 provinces. It has 503 in southern China. The current number is much higher than the 136 cases in 2021. An influenza outbreak is said to occur when the number of flu victims reaches 10 or more.

China's 3 regions most affected:

"Due to high demand, antiviral drugs for influenza, such as oseltamivir, are less available in many pharmacies in southern China," the news report said. Has said. The CNIC report found that Guangdong (119) and Guangxi Zhuang (79) in southern China, as well as Fujian (109) in eastern China, had the highest number of influenza patients.

Lu Hongzhou, head of Shenzhen Hospital, told the Global Times that torrential rains, low temperatures, and anti-corona control measures had reduced the risk of respiratory diseases. The report said the report found the highest number of cases of influenza A (H3N2) subtype in southern China. Its transition rate is high. The death rate is 0.2%, said Lu Hongzhou, head of Shenzhen Hospital.

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