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Will talks lead to a solution? Talks between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus border

The stage has been prepared for holding the meeting of Russia-Ukraine. Now only the delegation of both the countries is awaited. Initially Ukraine was not ready to send its delegation to Belarus. He said that Belarus is an ally of Russia.All aircraft, helicopters and missiles deployed in Belarusian territory will remain on the ground until the visit, meeting and return of the Ukrainian delegation. Putin said Russia is responding to its security threats, but what Putin really wants is more clearly understood from his wish list, which he first submitted to the West in December 2021.

Russia wanted a legal guarantee that NATO would give up military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. One of the demands was Russia and NATO not to deploy additional troops and weapons outside the countries where they were in May 1997. Russian attacks have killed 102 Ukrainians .The news agency AFP has made this claim by quoting the United Nations Human Rights Chief. It has been said that 7 children are also included in the dead.

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