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Why did India and Pakistan come on a line in the UN over Russia?

It has been said in this resolution that Russia should unconditionally withdraw its troops from Ukraine. In the UAGA, out of a total of 193 countries, 141 countries voted against Russia and five countries supported Russia. Russia's foreign minister has said that it has got the support of many friends and the West has failed to isolate itself after the UNGA resolution against it was passed. One of these five is Russia itself. 35 countries did not participate in the vote. These include India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Earlier, India did not participate in the voting on the motion of condemnation against Russia in the United Nations Security Council. 120 countries, regions and institutions delivered their speeches on the Ukraine crisis ahead of the vote at the UNGA's two-day special emergency session. Earlier on February 25, this resolution could not be passed in the Security Council due to Russia's veto. India is a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

India had twice abstained from voting against Russia in the Security Council, along with China and the UAE. It was brought to the General Assembly of the United Nations only after the resolution was not passed in the Security Council.

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