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WHO is unclear about the "origin of COVID-19," but it states that lab leak theory must be searched

Last Year, WHO had concluded in the previous year that it was "extremely unlikely" that COVID 19 might have spilled into humans in the city of Wuhan from a lab.

Many scientists suspect that coronavirus jumped into people from bats, possibly by transmission from another animal.

But WHO has released a report, the expert group said that " key pieces of data" to explain how the pandemic began were still "missing." Scientific evidence that the group would "remain open to any scientific evidence that becomes available in the future to allow comprehensive testing of all reasonable hypotheses." Identifying a disease's source in animals might take years. It took more than a decade for scientists to pinpoint the species of bats that were the natural reservoir of SARS, which is a relative of COVID 19. WHO's expert group also noted that since lab accidents in the past have triggered some outbreaks, the highly politicized theory could not be discounted.

WHO said, "Tragically, the Chinese government is still refusing to share the essential raw data and will not allow the necessary, full audit of the Wuhan labs. "Gaining access to this information is critical for understanding how this pandemic began and preventing future pandemics." WHO expert scientists have said numerous avenues of research were needed, including studies in places where the virus might have spread first, such as the Hunan Seafood market in Wuhan. The Chinese government has said that it supports the search for the pandemic's origin, but other countries should be the focus.

While, In the footnote to the report, WHO's group has noted that three of its experts, scientists from China, Brazil, and Russia, have disagreed with the call to investigate the possibility of COVID 19 being sparked by the lab accident.

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