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Which Newspaper is Best For UPSC Preparation

Reading newspapers is an essential component of IAS exam preparation. Newspapers are an incredible source of data, facts, and analysis, essential for UPSC Civil Services preparation. Every aspirant needs to read the Best Newspaper for UPSC. Every successful IAS officer knows the worth of reading newspapers; if you ask, they will tell you that it's a must-do routine that should follow for one hour. You ought to 'Study' instead of 'Read' the news when reading newspapers.

Newspapers are a crucial source of data for UPSC applicants, as they keep them up so far on national and worldwide events. They also provide much-needed current affairs study material, a crucial component of the IAS exam questions. If you are not reading newspapers daily, you will not get to know the current things happening worldwide.

However, aspirants should keep in mind that reading the entire Newspaper in detail is not required. From the standpoint of IAS preparation, not everything in the Newspaper will be necessary. As a result, there is a precise manner to read newspapers to get the most out of your reading time.

Best Newspaper for UPSC

Almost every IAS candidate understands the significance of newspaper reading for UPSC test preparation. 'The Hindu' and 'The Indian Express are the most recommended newspapers for Civil Services Exam preparation, and it is the best English Newspaper for UPSC.

'The Hindu' and 'The Indian Express' are recommended primarily for their high standards in distinguishing between news and opinions. From the Prelims to the Final Interview stage, if you become an expert at reading newspapers, you will be able to manage your time correctly and will have a chance to pass India's most challenging Exam.

Best Hindi Newspaper for UPSC Preparation

If you are preparing for the IAS, IPS, Civil Services Exam, or UPSC and do not know which Hindi newspaper is ideal for UPSC, IAS, IPS, or Civil Services Exam, then in this article you will find it. I'll tell you which Hindi paper is the best for the UPSC test I tell you?

  • Dainik Jagran

  • Jansatta

Reading the best Newspaper is helpful for UPSC Preparation?

When discussing how it will benefit you, you will not have the same reservations as in the previous step's example. Now that you know what a money bill is and what inflation is, you'll understand how the concepts you learned in NCERTs work in the real world. This exercise will improve your practical knowledge. Try to connect the Newspaper's lines with your knowledge.

If you're reading news stories about "heavy flooding puts Kerala in crisis," you'll need multidimensional thinking to determine what caused this disastrous storm. What impact will it have on our economy, ecology, agriculture, society, health, and development, and what actions should be taken? And so forth. What procedures would you take if you were a collector and a similar flood occurred in your area? These are the items that will cause you to think in new ways. Only those applicants whose thinking has this kind of holistic approach are required for UPSC exam preparation. So reading the Newspaper isn't only a way to stay informed about what's going on in your neighborhood, district, state, country, or world; it's also a way to train your mind to think like a journalist. It is essential to read the best Newspaper for UPSC Preparation, and the aspirants need to read both the Best English and best Hindi Newspaper for UPSC.

What to read from the Newspaper?

Newspapers should be used to discover critical concerns for hopefuls. This necessitates a thorough comprehension of the syllabus and a review of the prior year's question papers.

The following are some essential topics on which applicants should concentrate while reading newspapers: –

  1. Editorials: - Because knowledgeable individuals produce them, newspaper editorials provide a holistic approach to an issue. Candidates should evaluate the material supplied objectively and create a balanced view. Candidates should list criticisms and examine how government policy is geared to answer those criticisms or how the government deals with such issues. They should not follow the writer's political ideology.

  2. National News: - Aspirants should concentrate on the ramifications of a significant national event. For example, the government's national projects and initiatives.

  3. Topics in International Relations: – India's bilateral relations with other countries is one of the most critical issues addressed in the Newspaper. The details of the bilateral summits are published in all newspapers. Treaties and agreements signed by the Indian government and foreign conferences and events attended by the Prime Minister and president are examples. Uprisings, political coups, and other major political events have occurred in various countries. Consider the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Rohingya refugee catastrophe. Furthermore, reports issued by international organizations such as the UN, WHO, UNICEF, ASEAN, and others should be carefully examined.

  4. Technology and Science Topics include: – The newspapers keep readers up to date on new developments in science and technology. The UPSC always inquires about the core science ideas that underpin such inventions. For instance, news on the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) or any scientific breakthrough. Candidates should study these discoveries and prepare the scientific ideas that underpin them.

  5. Polity: – Newspapers can cover a wide range of political concerns. The following are some of the essential topics: -

  • Parliamentary bills and acts. For example, the government may introduce.

  • Schemes/reforms such as the Citizenship Amendment Act.

  • Schemes and reports by the ministry

  • On crucial issues, the supreme court and the high courts render decisions.

  • Debates in the legislature

Best English Newspaper for UPSC Preparation

The best newspapers for UPSC preparation, according to IAS toppers, are:

  1. The Times of India

  2. The Indian Express

  3. The Hindu

  4. The Tribune

  5. Hindustan Times

  6. Business Standard

  7. The wire

  8. Mint

Not to focus on Newspaper Section.

Entertainment News

State news Unless it has a more significant national impact,

Local News (Unless you are preparing for the Final Interview)

Do's and Don't while reading the Newspaper for UPSC Preparation


  1. Maintain a copy of the UPSC Mains Syllabus and concentrate on the keywords.

  2. Keep track of current events in a diary or notebook, and take notes every day.

  3. If you don't take notes on the initial reading, you're more likely to notice more important information as you read further.

  4. Focus on the decisions of the Supreme Court and the High Court. From the standpoint of the Exam, these are critical.

  5. Make daily notes and summaries of relevant news for topics such as new policy, who announced it, the organizations involved, etc.

  6. Keep soft copies of the notes on your computer or subscribe to an e-newspaper version of "The Hindu" to read them on the fly.

  7. It's best to avoid politics, entertainment, and sports news; they're all a waste of time.

  8. Only the Exam should be read. Relevant The utmost priority should be given to politics, the economy, and national and international laws.


  • Don't rely on the press to teach you the fundamentals. This will obliterate both your time and your self-assurance.

  • Dont forget to read the newspaper every day but not waste too much time.

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