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What was Canada-Denmark fighting for the last 50 years? For the bottle of Whiskey?

This war between Canada and Denmark lasted for about 50 years, and this war was about the occupation of an island called Hans Island, which is spread over an area of ​​only 1.29 square kilometers. In 1973, there was an agreement between Canada and Denmark, under which it was decided that both the countries would determine their borders. But at that time, no decision could be taken regarding this island.

At that time, Canada was also asserting its right on it, and Denmark was also not ready to leave this island. However, there will be a question in your mind if Denmark is in Northern Europe, then how can there be a dispute with Canada regarding its border. So the answer is that about 36 kilometers from Canada is an area called Greenland, which is controlled by Denmark. The island's distance from Greenland is the same as the distance from the Canadian border.

In 1973, when there was no agreement on this island, Canada sent its army here.

After this, the Canadian army returned from here by placing bottles of Whiskey and hoisting its national flag. After that, the Danish army came here and removed Canada's Whiskey, kept the bottles of Whiskey of their country, and hoisted their national flag. Then, both the countries continued to do the same for almost 50 years. Sometimes the Canadian army used to keep its Whiskey bottles here, and sometimes the Danish army used to leave their country's Whiskey. Both these countries proved that they had a right on this island. That is, neither bullets were fired, nor any other weapon was used in this war, but this war was fought in the name of Whiskey.

Now when the governments of Canada and Denmark divided this island equally under an agreement, this war ended with a bottle of Whiskey. The ministers of both the countries have announced to officially end this war by giving each other bottles of Whiskey from their respective countries. Besides this, When the war is going on between Russia and Ukraine, and there are more than 60 countries in the world that have border disputes with their neighboring countries, the world can learn a lot from this humble war.

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