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We want Rahul back - Gandhi loyalist

After a massive defeat in all the five state assembly elections, Congress president Sonia Gandhi had called for a CWC meeting in which they discussed their defeat today.

All senior leaders barring Manmohan Singh (due to ill health) and A K Anthony ( he tested positive for COVID- 19) attended the meeting.

Congress has been defeated for the tenth time since the 2019 elections but still no senior Congress members have shown lack of trust in the leadership, unlike any other CWC meeting all wanted Rahul Gandhi back as their president.

Ahead of the meeting, Gehlot said Rahul should take over as party president again. “Rahul Gandhi should take over as President (so that) the party remains united. It will remain united and it was united under his leadership. They talk about the family. In the last 30 years, no one from the family has become the prime minister or chief minister or minister. Even then why is the leadership of the party given to them? (Because) people of all sections and religions have faith in the family. And the family is necessary for strengthening the Congress,” Gehlot told ANI. Gehlot also added that winning and losing is a part of politics and also blamed BJP for misleading people under the pretext of Hindutva and then indulging in dangerous politics.

Hence to conclude , all wanted Rahul Gandhi back at the helm of Congress.

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