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Watch wired video: A female anchor swallowed a fly in a live news bulletin

Latest Trending Video: Different weird videos are going viral on social media. Some videos are funny, and some videos are shocking. The videos of some Pakistani journalists are laugh-out-loud funny. Currently, a similar video has gone viral on social media. This video is not a funny dance, but still, you will laugh after watching this video.

This viral video is from a news channel. An anchor reads the news, and a fly flies into her mouth. To avoid interrupting the news, the anchor swallows the fly and continues her work. The female anchor herself has shared the video of this incident.

In the video, you can see that the female anchor is reading the news about the floods in Pakistan. Meanwhile, a fly flies in and goes straight into her mouth. She swallows this fly. After the fly enters the mouth, she stops for a few seconds and continues reading the news.

The name of this female anchor is Farah Naseer from Canada. She works on a Global News Channel. She has shared the video of this incident on Twitter. While sharing this video, she wrote that she was sharing the video. Because people should laugh. Laughter is essential. A fly is swallowed while anchoring. People liked this video very much. So far, this video has got more than 1 lakh views. More than sixteen hundred people have liked this video.

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