Vote at gunpoint: Putin prepares to seize 20% of Ukraine via fake referendum

Russia's attacks on Ukraine continue on the 217th day. Russia now claims to have won all four regions of Ukraine after plebiscites. So this is considered to indicate that about 20 per cent of the total area of ​​Ukraine is ready to go under the rule of President Vladimir Putin. All four regions of Ukraine can be officially taken over with a fake referendum. According to the opinion polls, 93.1 per cent of people in Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia, 87 per cent in Kherson, 98.4 per cent in Luhansk, and 99.2 per cent in Donetsk have shown interest in Russia. But Russia is accused of using guns to sway public opinion. Russia had set up several camps in the occupied areas in Zaporizhzhia.

A fake referendum was conducted in the people's name last week. The Economist saw hundreds of vehicles passing through Russian-held territory on the final day of the referendum on September 27. Elena Krymskaya of Zaporizhzhia said the family faced terror. A book can be written on this torture.

American citizens were advised to leave Russia immediately

Late on Wednesday evening, the United States asked its citizens in Russia to leave the country. Poland and Bulgaria have also warned their citizens. After the referendum result, Russia may launch a significant attack on Ukraine. Georgia opposes the entry of Russian citizens.

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