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Violence erupts in Jodhpur, India

Communal tension broke out in the Jalori Gate area near Jodhpur; after the violence erupted, the police used tear gas shells to control the situation. There was a clash between two communities over installing a religious flag connected with Eid.

Reports suggest that members of the minority community were installing Eid flags, and they had put up a flag alongside the statue of freedom fighter Balmukund Bissa. But this led to a confrontation as members of the other community alleged that a saffron flag they had put up ahead of Parshuram Jayanti had gone missing.

This led to stone-pelting, due to which five policemen were injured. The police used tear gas to control the situation, mobile internet was suspended to stop the spread of rumors, and section 144 was also imposed.

While Rajasthan’s Chief minister has tweeted, urging people to maintain peace and called this incident unfortunate. He has said that “While respecting the tradition of love and brotherhood pf Jodhpur, Marvar, I make a touching appeal to all parties to maintain peace and cooperate in restoring law and order.” He has also said that leaders of all the political parties should ask their workers to maintain peace, and they all should remain united. Mr. Gehlot has also chaired a high-level meeting to review the situation. He has asked ministers Rajendra Yadav and Subhash Garg and two officers to go to Jodhpur by helicopter to review the case. He has directed officials to take strict action against those responsible for it. CM has told officials that a criminal must not be spared irrespective of his religion, caste, or class.

DGP M L Lather has said that Now at least 12 FIRs have been registered in Jodhpur; police and eight written, four by the people. 141 people have been arrested, and the curfew is continued even today; nearly 1,000 police personnel have been deployed to maintain law and order. He has also said that the situation is under control, and there are no fresh incidents of violence. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs has reportedly sought a report from the Rajasthan government over communal tensions in the state.

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