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Video: A fighter plane crashed on a Russian city building; the pilot managed to eject safely

A fighter plane crashed Monday night in the southern Russian city of Yeisk. The crash happened in a residential building.

Smoke was seen coming out of the plane after the crash. The local governor was informed about the incident. A plume of fire is rising in the visuals of the incident that has come to the fore. According to the information, the pilot managed to eject safely from the fighter plane.

There has been no report of any other being injured in the accident. Local governor Veniamin Kondratyev said it was a Sukhoi Su-34 plane. It is a supersonic fighter bomber aircraft with a medium range. According to the RIA news agency, this fighter plane took off for training from the military area. After some distance, the aircraft's engine caught fire, becoming a victim of the accident. The plane is said to have fallen on a nine-story building.

A total of 17 apartments have come under the grip of the accident, and information is being gathered about the death toll. It is reported that President Putin has also been informed about the incident. At the same time, the Russian Government Investigative Agency Committee has described it as a criminal case. President Putin has ordered aid to all those affected by accident. The Health and Emergency Minister has been instructed to reach the spot. The governor wrote on Telegram that the emergency team was already on-site.

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