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US and Israel are creating a stir on the hijab, and Iran's leader Khamenei sees a conspiracy

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called the ongoing protests against the hijab in the country a conspiracy by the US and Israel. Khamenei said on Monday that these two countries were behind the nationwide protests. He said that America is behind such riots and an atmosphere of insecurity.

Khamenei said it also included US agents and some fraudulent Iranians settled abroad. Significantly, 22-year-old Mahsha Amini was beaten up by the police for not wearing a hijab in Iran. A few days later, Amini died on 16 September. Since then, there have been large-scale demonstrations in Iran. Many women are involved in this, and bullets have also been fired on women in many places.83-year-old Khamenei's statement has come for the first time since Amini's death. He said that the police must take action against the criminals. It also said that whoever attacks the police makes them helpless against criminals, thugs, and thieves.

Khamenei said the young woman's death had broken our hearts. But some people have made the streets dangerous without any proof or investigation. The Quran is being burnt, the hijab is being removed, and mosques and cars are being set on fire. Let us tell you that the strict action of the police in Iran is going on continuously. Police used pellet guns, tear gas, and paintball guns against hundreds of students at Tehran's prestigious Sharif University of Technology. According to local media, the students were raising slogans of 'Woman, Life, Liberty' during this time. At the same time, these students talked about giving importance to death instead of insults. According to the report, Science Minister Mohammad Ali Zolfigol had also reached here to explain to the students. At the same time, the Iran Human Rights Group of Oslo has posted a video. In this, the police riding a bike are chasing the students.

These students were hiding in the underground car parking. During this, those whose heads were covered with black cloth were taken out. In another clip from the Tehran metro station, people shout, 'We will not be afraid, will not be afraid, we are all together .'At the same time, German Foreign Minister Anabella Berbock has tweeted that the courage of the people of Iran is incredible.

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