Ukraine Talks with Russia: Talks with Russia in Turkey failed, Ukraine's information

Russia Ukraine War: Dmitry Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine and Sergei Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia met in Turkey. However, once again, political talks between Russia and Ukraine have failed.

High-level political talks between Russia and Ukraine have failed. Ukraine's foreign minister made the announcement on Thursday. It is clear that the Ukraine-Russia conflict will continue.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met in Turkey. The two discussed the creation of a corridor for the rescue of the victims and the arms embargo. 'There is no other decision-maker in Russia who can be consulted; So the discussion on the humanitarian problems created by the war will continue with Lavrov. Russia did not consider arms embargoes. Russia expects Ukraine to surrender Ukraine will never do that, "said Kuleba.

Russia attacks hospital:

Russia has stepped up its attacks on Ukraine, following an attack on a hospital in Mariupol on Thursday. Three people have been killed in the attack. It also includes a little girl.

The World Health Organization says Russia has carried out a total of 18 attacks on health and medical services in the past two weeks. The attacks have affected food and water supplies to civilians. So far, 35,000 people have successfully migrated from Ukraine, according to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhilensky. The night of the hospital attack was a nightmare for Ukrainian citizens outside Kiev. Ukraine's Deputy Interior Minister Vadim Dinisyenka said Russia had suddenly attacked residential areas after initially targeting military bases. Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba said Russia still expects surrender from Ukraine.

Hospitals in Mariupol Military Base:

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday claimed that hospitals in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol were serving as military bases. The maternity hospital has long been occupied by the Azov Battalion and other extremists. They pulled out pregnant women, nurses, and staff. It was the base of the Ultra-Radical Azov Battalion, "Lavrov claimed. He was speaking after talks with Ukrainian diplomats in Turkey.

Russia, Ukraine discuss after hospital attack

The foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia held face-to-face talks for the first time on Thursday after two weeks of the war. Discussions focused on the deaths of three people, including a young girl, in an attack on a children's hospital in Moscow. Civilians across the border in Ukraine have sought refuge in neighboring countries due to the war.

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