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Ukraine's President Warns of Possible Renewed Attacks on Energy System by Russia

In a concerning statement, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has issued a warning, stating that he expects Russia to renew its attacks on Ukraine's energy system during the upcoming cold weather season later this year. The President expressed his concerns during a meeting with senior government, security, and regional officials.

President Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of preparedness in the face of potential threats, saying, "It is obvious that this autumn and in the winter, the enemy will try to repeat the terror against the Ukrainian energy industry. We should be ready for this in any case." He further reassured the officials that the government and security forces would take all necessary measures to protect the nation's energy infrastructure.

During the past winter, Ukraine experienced severe damage to its energy system due to missile and drone attacks launched by Russia. These attacks caused widespread destruction, leaving nearly 40 percent of the Ukrainian energy system in ruins. The consequences were catastrophic, with cities across the nation plunging into darkness and suffering from freezing temperatures. Kyiv condemned these actions, describing them as a deliberate strategy by Moscow to harm civilians. In contrast, Russia claimed the attacks were aimed at undermining Ukraine's ability to defend itself.

The revelation of potential further attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure has sparked international concern and condemnation. The international community has urged both parties to exercise restraint and seek peaceful solutions to their differences. Diplomatic efforts are being intensified to prevent any escalation of hostilities that could exacerbate the already tense situation in the region.

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