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Ukraine repudiates the Russian demand of relinquishing and surrendering the vandalized Mariupol

As the Russian-Ukraine war continues to escalate with no sign of ceasefire, Russia has urged the Ukrainian government and forces in Mariupol to surrender and lay down their weapons, for the safe out lid from the town.

The port city Mariupol has experienced continuous bombing and threats from the Russian military forces and the city has turned into a bleak hinterland as the import-export channel of the city has been destroyed. In Response, the Ukrainian forces have blatantly rejected the offer of surrendering to the Russian forces.

Russian Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev claimed that “Mariupol would be given time until 5:00 AM on Monday to respond to the offer presented by Moscow. He further added that this offer was made as “extreme humanitarian crisis has evolved in the city, where the counterattacks from both the sides have compelled the general masses to incarcerate themselves without food and water.”

Assuring his offer he said that “All those who surrender and lay down their weapon would be ensured a safe passage out of the port city Mariupol.”

In response, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina vereshchuk blatantly repudiated the Russian demand and said, “There can be no question of laying down our weapons and surrendering to the Russian forces.”

Marking the activities of Russian Forces as terrorist activities, she further wrote, “Instead of wasting time on eight pages letters, why don’t they just open the corridor.”

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