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Ukraine President Zelenskyy makes a historic move by signing the application for membership in EU

As the world is grappling with the ongoing war tension between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine President Zelenskyy has made a historic move by signing up for the membership in European Union. The announcement came after a request was made in the European Union Parliament to make Ukraine a member of the European Union under a special procedure. According to a video shared the President of Ukraine highlighted the goal of the country of inclining towards the European Union under the ferocious Russian Invasion. “I’m sure that’s fair and we deserve it,” he stated in the video.

Simultaneously, the decision made by Ukraine President Zelenskyy was backed by the President of the EU, Ursula Von der Leyen, who claimed that Ukraine must be granted permission to be a part of the Union as it entertains strong ties with the bloc.

Besides backing the Ukraine President’s decision EU President also announced a fresh sanction to be imposed on Russia for its offensive and ferocious invasion of Ukraine. According to this sanction, all Russian owned and controlled aircraft would be banned and they would no longer be able to land or take off in the territory of the EU. Moreover, a ban would also be imposed on Kremlin’s media machine running in the EU.

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