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U.S. deputy NSA's blatant reminder to India: "Russia won't come to rescue if China breaches LAC."

As western countries have imposed severe sanctions and banned Russian oil and gas imports, Moscow has eloquently directed its channel of resources to Asia and other countries like India at a discounted rate. Since the onset of the war, India has imported 16 barrels of Russian oil, as contrasted with 13 barrels in the previous year. The rapid acceleration of India's imports from Russia seems to offend U.S. officials. Daleep Singh, the U.S. deputy national security adviser, claimed that it is not appeasing to see a rapid acceleration in India's import from Russia of energy and communities, which are prohibited by global sanctions.

Daleep Singh targeted and challenged President Putin and warned India that Russia won't come to its rescue if China tried to breach the Line of Actual Control (LAC) since Moscow and Beijing are in a "no limit Partnership." Daleep Singh, during his interaction with a small group of journalists, made such blatant and blunt remarks about any country trying not to adhere to the sanctions imposed on Russia.

Singh further claimed that "The U.S. would not like to witness a rapid acceleration of India's import of oil, gas or any other commodity from Russia, as severe sanctions are being imposed on Russia's resources.

He made such statements in response to India's decision of accepting Russian oil at a discounted rate. Moreover, noting that the sanctions imposed do not include energy imports and a prohibition on energy payments, the U.S. and its European allies have decided to reduce their dependency on Russia's oil and gas imports, said Singh.

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