U.K government claims to channel their attention toward the cost of living crisis

With the ongoing global inflation, the U.K government vowed to channel their attention toward the cost of living crisis in a Queen's speech, delivered by Prince Charles, the son of the monarch. The Queen's speech is prepared by the government and is read by the monarch during the opening of the parliament, the official beginning of each new parliamentary session.

Prince Charles, the first song in the line of throne, was standing in for Queen Elizabeth II, who could not attend the event due to mobility issues. While delivering Queen's speech, Prince Charles said, " Her Majesty's Government's foremost priority is to boost our country's economy and stimulate a reduction in the cost of living for the families."

Further continuing the speech, he said, "My government will increase the employment opportunity throughout the country." "Her Majesty's ministers will continue to boost and back the police to formulate a safer environment and would additionally fund the National Health Service to reduce the COVID-19 backlogs." Besides vowing to address the issue of the increased cost of living, the government also promised to reform business regulation after the departure of the U.K from the European Union.

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