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"Trying to keep me out of 2024 election"- Donald Trump

US investigation agency FBI raided former President Donald Trump's luxury Palm House and resort Mar a Ligo on Monday night. According to local media, several FBI agents have surrounded Trump's home. His house is also being cleared of trees. Donald Trump himself has confirmed this raid. He alleged that this action was being taken to keep him away from the 2024 presidential election. Trump said - 'My beautiful home Mar a Lego in Palm Beach, Florida, has been taken over by the FBI. Tree cutting is being done there. FBI officials are present here.'

When reporters pressed a FBI spokesperson on the matter, he declined to comment.

Trump said - this is a dark day for the country:

This has never happened to an American president. Even after cooperating with the investigating agencies, such action is being taken. This is like abusing and using the justice system as a weapon. This is an attack on hard-left Democrats. "This is a conspiracy to prevent me from running for president in 2024," Trump said.

Trump's luxury Palm House and Resort Mar a Ligo has been surrounded by FBI agents. Guards appear everywhere.

Two confidants of Trump told the New York Times that the raid was carried out without notice. Trump was not present during the FBI raid. He is currently said to be in New Jersey. They went there for a job. Interestingly, just a few days ago, a parliamentary committee investigating the January 6 violence demanded a speedy investigation into Trump's alleged involvement in the incident.

Trump accused of taking important White House documents :

While leaving the White House, Trump took many documents with him from 15 boxes.

According to reports, Trump took many documents while departing the White House last year. But the FBI has yet to confirm the allegations. The documents were suspected of having been taken to Mar a Lego. Since then, the American secret service has been monitoring Trump and his close associates. It is said that this connection is behind this raid.

Documents were being flushed down the toilet:

During his presidency, Trump was accused of flushing many important documents down the toilet. Trump flushed so many documents that the White House toilet choked up. The National Archives has called for an investigation into the former president's document-shredding habit.

New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman gave information about this case in her book 'Confidence Man'. According to the book, White House staffers witnessed the toilet choke up with papers. This was then believed to have happened because Trump had flushed the documents.

Trump's desire to contest the election :

Trump has often expressed his desire to run in the upcoming presidential election. Interestingly, there is no leader in his Republican party to challenge him. But Trump has been in trouble since the violence on January 6 last year led to serious allegations against him.

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