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Trump applauding Putin’s strategy in Ukraine raises concern for NATO’s future

After the announcement made by Putin regarding the independent, sovereign Ukraine, it only took 24hours for the former US President Donald Trump to label the act of Putin as an “act of Genius”. Trump’s act of acknowledging and appreciating a foreign leader who is currently the biggest foe of the western world is quite astonishing and bewildering.

Trump’s remark over the present Ukraine crisis will not only be welcomed by Kremlin but will also ignite the fear and concern over NATO’S future if Trump returns. Trump was well acquainted with the reality that his exhorting comment over Putin’s activities would echo throughout the world reaching to every nook and corner.

Trump on a Radio Conservative show claimed that “This is Genius”, Putin declares a big portion of Ukraine as an independent. Oh, that’s wonderful”. He further added: “Putin is saying that the large section of Ukraine is Independent”, ‘How smart is that?’ AND Putin is going to go in and be a peacekeeper. That’s the strongest peace force, said Trump.

Such flagrant remarks made by the Former US-President undermine the foreign policy of the US and simultaneously deters every effort made by US President Joe Biden of evading this war which can devour thousands of lives and could threaten the post-cold war peace.

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