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Top 7 female inventors of the world

Whenever we think of inventions, we tend to think of men as the inventors, and this is so because most inventions were invented by men, truthfully. Plus, there is very little or no education for female inventors. In comparison to men, women have participated quite less in inventing and exploring, amongst other activities. The reason for this is definitely not because women are not smart enough, because considering the women we have today in politics, sports, journalism, and so on, women have displayed their high intelligence and the capability to do anything, so why are there fewer female inventors? Well, before the 19th century, women were not allowed to go to school like men, as it was believed that women could only serve the purposes of childbearing, childrearing, and homemaking in general. On the other hand, men had access to education that enabled them to be technologically advanced and able to invent things.

Despite the odds, some of these women were able to push through, break down barriers, and seize the opportunity to create things.We probably couldn't live without some of these women's amazing inventions today.

  1. Stepanie Kwolek: "Kevlar."

Kevlar is a material that is five times stronger than steel and is used to make bulletproof vests. It is also used for racing sails, bicycle tires, and frying pans. Many lives have been saved due to Stephanie's invention in 1965.

2. Grace Hopper: computer programming.

Grace Holler and Howard Aiken in front of Havard's Mark I computer in 1944.Hopper then invented the compiler that translated written language into computer code. The terms "bug" and "debugging" were actually literal as the computer was filled with moths. Now, computer programming must be everything because a computer would be useless without it.

3. Josephine Cochran, dishwasher

In 1872, Josephine invented the dishwasher, and although the machine was not new then, Josephine was the one who created one that applied water pressure instead of scrubbers to ensure it actually cleaned the dishes, which it did.

4. Florence Parpart, an electric refrigerator

In 1914, when iceboxes were in use, Florence invented the electric refrigerator, managed to market it, and continued to improve it over the years. Today, refrigerators are basically lifesavers for our food, literally.

5. Ida Forbes, an electric hot water heater

Ida Forbes invented the first electric water heater in 1917, when hot water heaters used to run on gas. Imagine that we still had to depend on gas for hot water.

6. Marie Van Brittan Brown, home security system

According to the story, Marie was tired of not getting a response from the New York police, so she invented a home security system with a closed-circuit television to ensure her safety. How wonderful is that?

7. Maria Beasely, life raft

Maria had already invented a barrel-hopping machine that fetched her a tonne of money. She later invented the life raft in 1882, which was improved with fireproof guard rails while remaining foldable for easy storage.The life raft was used during the Titanic wreck and saved more than 700 lives. The fact that it was so useful then and even now makes it a big deal.

There are many other remarkable inventions by women, like the globe by Ellen Fitz, the car heater by Margaret Wilcox, caller ID by Shirley Ann Jackson, and a lot more. The need to spread the word about these women's contributions to technology is crucial so that they may be widely recognised for their work and serve as role models for the younger generation.

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