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The world's most beautiful 'mummy,' dead body kept safe even after 100 years

You must have heard about Mummy by now. Sometimes because of films and research, we hear about mummies.

In ancient times, the mummy process was done to preserve the dead person's body. You must have heard of many mummies by now; some mummies are hundreds of years old and are being researched. Meanwhile, have you heard about the world's most beautiful mummy?

If not, then today we will tell you about the most beautiful mummy in the world. This mummy is entirely safe even after 100 years.

That's why this mummy has been called the most beautiful mummy in the world. A two-year-old girl died 100 years ago in Italy, after which her family mummified her to save her. The name of this girl is Rosalia Lombardo. Rosalia died of pneumonia on 02 December 1920. But still, Rosalia's mummy is entirely safe. This mummy has been named the most beautiful mummy in the world. Rosalia's mummy looks like a baby girl is sleeping. That's why this mummy is also called Sleeping Beauty Mummy.

Rosalia Lombardo's mummy is currently in Italy. This mummy is in the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, northern Sicily, Italy. About 8000 other mummies are stored and displayed in the Capuchin Catacombs. It also includes Rosalia's mummy. But no mummy is safe other than Rosalia's mummy. Rosalia's body is kept in a glass container filled with nitrogen gas. Rosalia's body is still safe after 100 years. Some spread rumors that her mummy was a fake or wax statue, but scientists proved that.

Her skin and hair are still intact.

Scans and X-rays showed that Rosalia's body structure and organs remained intact after 100 years. Only her brain had shrunk to 50 percent of its original size.

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