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The thrill of 9/11 in America again; A threat was given to blow up 'Walmart,' Pilot arrested

Mississippi: Once again, after 20 years of the 9/11 incident, a plane is hijacked. On Saturday, a pilot stole a plane from the airport in Tupelo. After that, he warned that he would hit the Walmart store. Police have informed that after 4 hours of negotiation, negotiators convinced him to land his plane.

The name of the Pilot is Corey Wayne Patterson. As an employee of Tupelo aviation Corey had access to that small Beechcraft King Air C-90 twin-engine aircraft. He stole the plane at 5 a.m. From airport.

- As a precautionary measure, the Walmart store and the buildings in the area were evacuated. The people there were shifted to a safe place by the police.- Citizens were urged to be very alert until the plane crash was averted. The plane hovered over the city of Tupelo for a long time.

The exact reason for plotting to crash the plane on the Walmart store is yet to be ascertained. The current condition of Pilot after police custody is still unknown.

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