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The surge in crime in America: Police shortage leads to a surge in crime

Another crisis has arisen with the rising crime rate in America. There is a shortage of staff in the police department in America. Compared to last year, the voluntary retirement of the police has increased by 50 percent and resignation by 20 percent. Thousands of police officers resigned in the resignation session after the Corona crisis.

Police don't want to do jobs because of low wages. There is a decrease in the number of police officers. Therefore, there is an increase in crimes. There is also a shortage of spies in the department. Compared to 324 in 2019, only 134 spies remain. The police department of America has started many offers like corporate companies to recruit.

Bonuses are also offered to designated employees. The Atlanta Police Department has requested $235 million to hire police officers and retain officers who are fleeing for better-paying jobs in the suburbs. Phoenix has approved a new pay scale for its police department. A 40 percent increase in homicides in the U.S. due to staffing shortages. The overall homicide rate has increased by 30 percent. The homicide figure of 15 thousand 897 is based on reports from state, county, city, university, college, and tribal organizations. Many cities in America have seen an increase in crime. Denver's homicide rate has doubled since 2015. 13 percent of the total cases are in Philadelphia. The homicide rate in Virginia doubled between 2011 and 2021. Portland's homicide rate has increased 207 percent since 2019. According to the FBI, the rate of attacks on blacks, Asians, and South Asians has been the highest. In the last seven years, incidents of racial hatred have increased for the sixth time.

Democratic leaders are hoping that the rising crime shouldn't affect the outcome of the midterm elections. If the public blames the Democratic Party for rising crime, the chances of many candidates winning the election may be reduced.

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