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The legal age of marriage for girls will be from 18 to 21 years. Union Cabinet approves proposal

The Union Cabinet approved a proposal to increase the legal age of marriage from 18 to 21 years for women as well as men. The plan was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 2020 Independence Day speech. Following Cabinet approval, the government will amend the Child Marriage Prohibition Act, 2006, and consequently amend laws such as the Special Marriage Act and the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

The approval is based on recommendations made by the Centre's task force headed by Jaya Jaitley to the Policy Commission in December 2020. The commission was set up to study issues related to maternal age, the urgency to reduce maternal mortality, level of nutrition improvement, and related issues.

Recent data released by the National Family Health Survey has already shown that overall fertility rates are declining and the population is under control. The idea is to empower women. "

The committee further recommended that sex education be formally included in the school curriculum. The Polytechnic Institute also recommends training, skills and vocational training, and livelihood enhancement for women to increase the age of marriage.

If we can make girls financially independent, parents will think twice before marrying them early, ”he said.

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