The chocolate company stuck by calling Taiwan a country

Manufacturers of Snickers candy bars had to apologize to China. The reason is that the company had shown Taiwan as a country in its advertisement.

Snickers creator Mars Wrigley apologized for the Snickers product launch on Friday. Snickers is a chocolate bar made by the American company Mars, Incorporated. The company recently launched a limited edition of the Snickers bar.

The claimed Limited Edition of Snickers is only available in the countries of South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Taiwan was described as a "country" in the pictures. Photos and videos from the launch event went viral on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

Seeing the huge outrage in China, the American company apologized. Significantly, China has been claiming neighboring Taiwan as its share. China has been saying that Taiwan is a part of it, and one day it will be reunited with the mainland. Beijing has not ruled out the possibility of using force to reunite the self-governing island with the mainland. However, as the controversy escalated, Mars Wrigley issued an apology on his Snickers China Weibo account on Friday, saying that the relevant content had been amended. That is, now Taiwan is not presented as a country in its advertisement.

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