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Tensions in Britain: Pak nationals vandalize temple, set fire to flag; On Hindu streets

Police is trying to control the riots

Leicester: The Asia Cup T20 match between India and Pakistan was played in Dubai on August 28. However, this has sparked violence in Britain. The violent incidents that took place on August 28 are still ongoing. A vandalism incident at a temple in the city of Leicester, 100 miles from London, has sparked renewed tension.

Pakistani citizens set fire to the flag in the temple. As soon as this news spread, Hindus took to the streets. There are reports of clashes between Indo-Pakistani youths in some parts of Leicester. However, there is no official information about the attackers. Pakistani youths took to the streets in droves. The local administration is appealing to the people of both communities to maintain peace. Even after this, both the groups are taking to the streets giving religious slogans.

The Indian High Commissioner objected to the British government and demanded strict action to arrest the culprits. On the other hand, the local administrations of London and Leicester are holding meetings with prominent figures of both parties to prevent violence. The British government feels that a big problem may arise if this matter is not settled soon. Because a total of 1.4 million Indians and 4.5 million Pakistanis live in Britain. The environment is deteriorating due to daily clashes. Police action is on. A total of 27 people have been arrested. There are people on both sides of this.

Worries: India-Pakistani violence in Britain has never happened before: Religious violence between Indian and Pakistani citizens has never happened in Britain. As this situation has arisen for the first time, the concern has increased. Suleiman Nagdi of the Muslim Businessmen's Association in Leicester said the brawl started at a cricket match. Now, this matter has become religious. Therefore, a meeting will be held with the prominent people of both groups to arrive at a solution.

Why Leicester?

Because there is an equal Hindu-Muslim population: According to a report by Britain's National Health Service (NHS), Leicester has an almost equal population of Hindus and Muslims. In other cities in Britain, the population of Hindus is two to three times higher than that of Muslims. Leicester is 7.4% Muslim, 7.3% Hindu and 2.4% Sikh. Therefore, the administration feels both parties are in a strong position here.

Leicester Police said - 'After the attack on the temple, several incidents of violence took place. Government and private property were damaged. We are looking for those who attacked the temple. People from both parties are taking to the streets. Given this situation, it may take several days to calm the matter.' Leicester MP Claudia Webbey has repeatedly called on people to remain calm. He said youths who commit violence should think of their parents at home. They are sent to study or work with great expectations. On the other hand, the people associated with the temple have announced to hold a grudge march soon. The police suspect that violence may take place on that day as well.

Even our place of worship is under attack: Muslim Organizations

Given the current situation, many Muslim organizations have come together in Britain. These include professional, employee and student organizations. They alleged that Hindus also targeted a mosque. Hindus have denied the allegation.

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