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Taiwan expresses "Sincere gratitude" toward the United States

Taiwan's foreign ministry has expressed "sincere gratitude" towards the USA for "concrete actions to maintain security and peace in the Taiwan Strait and the region."

The U. S. Indo- Pacific coordination Kurt Campbell said on Friday that China has "overreacted" as the U.S House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan; this visit to China has triggered a war game by Beijing around Taiwan as China views it as its territory.

Taiwan's foreign ministry stated on Saturday; the ministry said that China's "unprovoked military and economic intimidation" had "further strengthened the unity and resilience of the global democratic camp."

China is continuing its military activities in areas near Taipei, but it's on a smaller scale compared to last week. Taiwan's December ministry on Saturday said that 13 Chinese air forces planes have already crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, which is an unofficial barrier between the two sides when things are normal.

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