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Taiwan and China: Their relationship, struggles and conflicts.

Taiwan known as the Republic of China is referred to as the island. While China known as the People's Republic of China is called the mainland. Taiwan separated from China in the year 1949 and it has since then been independent of China and currently has it own democratically elected government.

After the division, there was several conflicts between both countries. China insisted on a 'One China Principle' which includes the island, Taiwan. It claims Taiwan as it's own territory and have been doing everything it takes including the use of force to unify Taiwan under China.

In recent times, the conflicts have become tensed and attracted global reactions. China sees Taiwan as a wanderer that will eventually come back to her fatherland. But Taiwan insist on making move towards formal Independence. There is fear as a Beijing official warned that China will take drastic measures if Taiwan takes any Independence step.

Taiwan is not recognized as a sovereign nation in most countries including United States. It's only recognized by Haiti, Paraguay, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua etc. Recently, Nicaragua breaks diplomatic ties with Taiwan leaving only 14 allies. Most of the countries recognize the Mainland (China).

Taiwan has recorded significant development in technology and administration. According to international survey, Taiwan in 2026 will be the world's 20th largest economy. Their political administration have been a success so far. She can stand on her own without the influence of China. Though, the population and economic growth can't be compared to that of China. But there's great improvement compared to most sovereign Nations. China should now accept the fact that Taiwan has successfully broken land ties with them, and the U S and other super powers should recognize the Island as a sovereign Nation for peace to reign.

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