Storm Eunice: Hurricane Eunice threatens, 167 flights canceled in Netherlands

Storm Eunice Netherlands: While Hurricane Eunice is raging over the Netherlands, the country's meteorological service has issued a warning in this regard. After this, 167 scheduled flights have been canceled on Friday.

The Netherlands has been warned of the threat of Hurricane Younis. Against this backdrop, many flights from the country have been canceled.

According to Dutch airline KLM, 167 scheduled flights were canceled on Friday due to the storm.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands' Metrological Service has warned of Hurricane Younis.

According to a statement issued by the airline, due to the stormy weather in Amsterdam on Thursday, February 17 and Friday, February 18, 2022, flights from Amsterdam Airport 'Schiphol' may be disrupted. As a result, 167 flights have been canceled.

On Thursday, the Netherlands Meteorological Agency issued a warning regarding Hurricane Younis. Hurricane Younis is expected to hit the country on Friday.

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