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Sperms were taken from three; after the child's birth, the woman made a shocking revelation

Edited by Amit K. Ghosh

Lesbian Couple Mixed Donated Sperms: Lesbian couple requested a donor through a Facebook group post in October 2020. Three men were prepared for this. After the baby was born, they (men) watched a video on TikTok. In this, the couple said that they used sperm from all three together. Now, these lesbian couple has no idea whether the child is Indian, Chinese, or Australian.

A lesbian couple wanted a baby. So they asked men to donate sperm on the Facebook group. Three men were also prepared for that. After this, the woman also became pregnant. But, as soon as she got pregnant, a very shocking thing happened to those men. So now a big question has arisen in front of these men who exactly is the father of this baby?

This lesbian couple took sperm from all three men. Men who gave them sperm thought the woman was taking their sperm. But they did not know anything about the two others.

This case is from Sydney, the capital of Australia. During the lockdown in September 2021, the couple took sperms from three different men. Not only this, but without telling the men, the couple used the sperm of all three together, and the woman got pregnant. One of them said while talking to Kidspot, 'Mixing men's sperm for a baby is not morally right. Especially when we, i.e., the donor, have not been informed about it and our permission has not been taken for it.

After the incident, a man who donated sperm said, 'I was very excited about the boy. But when I realized the truth, I was saddened. I feel like I've been cheated. So, another donor said - 'This is not right. If the couple had spoken about it earlier, I would not have donated their sperm'.

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