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Shocking video of the shootout: Shooting at a school football match in the US; 3 people injured

There has been a shooting during a football match in the US state of Ohio. 3 people have injured in this. The match was played between 2 school teams. However, the shooting took place outside the stadium.

The football match was played between Whitmore High School and Central Catholic at a high school stadium in Ohio. A video of this incident has also surfaced. Gunshots are heard during the match, and people are seen running after the gunfire.

An eyewitness told local media that gunfire rang out around eight minutes into the game. Then the game stopped.

Watch the video:-

After the incident, Washington Local Schools Superintendent KD Anstead said: "We are saddened that a wonderful tournament was disrupted by violent incidents on the street near our field. We have very little information and will not speculate until we know things. Such an incident would be bad news for every school in the district. We want both Central and Whitmore to have their say. We are trying to get all the information about this incident.'

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