She helped get Trump elected. Now she’s raising crypto for Ukraine

Brittany Kaiser burst into the limelight as a controversial Republican kingmaker — a young Chicagoan who, while running business development for Cambridge Analytica, helped marshal the data of tens of millions of Facebook users to press the 2016 presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Now Kaiser has taken on a sharply different role: helping raise more than $100 million in cryptocurrency for Ukraine’s war against Russia.

Her involvement has been so essential to the country’s fight for democracy that Alex Bornyakov, Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation, told The Post his nation’s war effort wouldn’t have been the same without her. “Brittany has been a great friend — a great friend for me and Ukraine,” he said in an interview, citing both Kaiser’s strategic game-planning and social media connections as the country has fought against the bloody invasion. “We’re really happy to have her.”

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