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Shanghai resident's to stay under a strict lockdown

Shanghai residents live under a strict lockdown as the infection rate of covid 19 rose to 4,477 today.

Residents have been advised to stay at home and not leave their residence even for a walk.

Wu Qianyu, an official from with Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, held a press conference and said that: " residents shouldn't walk in the hallways, garages or open areas of their residential compounds, residents should not even take their pets for a walk to reduce the risk of infection."

This means that all residents living in the Pudong district, home to many of the elite financial institutions and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, will stay in their homes. They will be allowed to venture out of the house only to undergo a Covid test.

While the Shanghai municipal government has imposed a lockdown over half of the city to curb the cases, authorities have also decided to continue to support the import of antiviral drugs and Covid vaccinations.

China has already imported around 21,000 boxes of Pfizer Inc's Covid pill Paxlovid, and they have been treating high-risk patients with the drug.

The whole world has already faced misery due to Covid 19, and this news has just increased tension in the whole world.


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