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Saudi princess released from prison after three years

Princess Basmah of Saudi Arabia, who was arrested in February 2019 while preparing to travel abroad for medical treatment, has been released from prison. Basmah is the youngest daughter of King Saud, who ruled Saudi Arabia from 1953 to 1964. Along with Basmah, his daughter has also been released.

He has been in prison for the past three years without charge, his lawyer Henry Estament said Saturday. Rajukmari Basmah, 57, is a human rights activist. She and her daughter have been missing since March 2019.

He was told at the time of his arrest that he had been charged with attempting to forge a passport, his relatives said. But the Saudi government has never made an official statement. Basmah had claimed in 2020 that he was being held in Riyadh. He had also said on social media that he was ill.

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