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Russian withdrawal from Kharkiv, Ukrainian occupation of six villages

Russia appears to be retreating in its war against Ukraine. It has been reported that Russian troops are withdrawing from Kharkiv. The Ukrainian army has taken control of six villages in Kharkiv.

After weeks of heavy bombardment and fighting, Russian troops are withdrawing from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Russia is now focusing on supply routes, with plans to bomb and launch airstrikes in the eastern province of Donetsk to destroy Ukraine's military.

Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine. The city was captured just days after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The war is entering a new phase, said Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukraine's defense minister. So, every possible effort is being made by Ukraine to drive Russia out of Ukraine. However, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy has said no one could predict how long the war will last. He also said that the war's outcome would depend on how Europe and its allies helped.

Although Russia has decided to occupy the eastern Donbas region, the campaign seems difficult for Russia. For every village, their army has to face a great struggle. So in a few days, the Ukrainian army has recaptured six villages, claims Zelenskyy. Russia has failed to achieve any strategic victory in the war, a Western official has said. In addition to Kharkiv, the Ukrainian army has launched a major counter-attack in the town of Kherson. Also, the small town of Rubzen is now under the control of the Ukrainian army.

Ukraine succeeds in blowing up a floating bridge crucial to Russia's action in eastern Ukraine. The bridge was over the Sivarsky Donets River in Bilohorvica. The Ukrainian air force has claimed that Russia's military suffered heavy casualties in the attack. At least 73 tanks and other military vehicles were destroyed. Also, the bridge was of strategic importance in terms of operations in eastern Ukraine. Britain's intelligence service has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating, "Similar, baseless allegations concerning Britain's intelligence have been made more than once. It is estimated that many Russian soldiers were killed in the attack.

Help from Europe:

As the war is projected to continue for a long time, Ukraine has appealed for help in purchasing arms. The European Union (EU) has said it plans to provide an additional 520 million in arms aid to Ukraine. Ukraine has welcomed the announcement.

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