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Russian sniper killed a 10-year-old girl by firing and burying the body in the house's courtyard

On February 25, Russian army snipers opened fire on a civilian car in the village of Novi Burluk in the Kharkiv region, killing a 10-year-old girl and injuring the girl's grandfather and grandmother. The press service of the National Police gave this information today.

He said that on February 25, his grandfather went to the shop with his granddaughter to pick up his grandmother. At the same time, a Russian sniper opened fire on his car. The bullet hit the girl and passed straight through. The injured girl died while being taken to a hospital in Chuhuiv; at present, their car caught fire again, and the grandparents were injured.

The man was taking the child's body in his lap to a nearby village. Police said that he first buried the granddaughter in the courtyard of his own house and then buried her in the graveyard.

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