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Russian Military Satellite: Will Russia's spy satellite hit Earth? Expert warning

Russia has launched a spy satellite into space with the help of its new generation giant space rocket Angara A-5. According to some independent experts, the satellite crashed.

In the coming weeks, a Russian military satellite is expected to crash into Earth. Russia recently announced that the launch of the satellite was "successful". However, experts have warned that something is wrong with the satellite.

Last Monday, Russia launched a reconnaissance satellite with the help of its new generation giant space rocket Angara A-5. It is understood that this military satellite weighs about 20 tons.

Some experts fear that the spy satellite and its booster rocket could hit the earth in the next few weeks.

Russia's Angara A-5 rocket plays a key role in launching reconnaissance satellites, weapons, and satellites needed for navigation. Not only that, with the help of this heavy rocket, Russia is also dreaming of its own lunar mission.

What exactly went wrong? Where did the mistake go?

According to experts, the spy satellite was successfully launched. But the 'Booster Persei' mounted on the top of the rocket failed during the flight. As a result, the Russian satellite could not reach its predetermined orbit. This uncontrolled satellite and its boosters weigh about 20 tons. The possibility of it hitting the Earth in the next few weeks cannot be ruled out.

According to Russian media reports, Percy was required to start five engines during his test mission, but the other failed. As a result, the Russian satellite is still in low orbit. The satellite could stay here for several weeks before crashing into the earth. The satellite was expected to reach an altitude of 22,236 miles above sea level. Experts say this is the first major accident for the Russian space agency in the last three years.

Notably, the Russian military high command did not respond to a request for comment.

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