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Russian foreign minister held bilateral talks with Indian foreign minister S. Jaysankar in Delhi.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held bilateral talks with Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar in Delhi. The Russian Foreign Minister said about friendship between India and Russia that both being developing a strategic partnership and this has been our priority.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that both of us are certainly interested in balancing the world order. We have further strengthened our bilateral context. He said that our President Putin has sent best wishes to Prime Minister Modi.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that we are ready to supply any goods to India, which they want to buy from us. We are ready for discussion. Lavrov said that Russia and India have very good relations.

The Foreign Minister of Russia said that these days we want to reduce the ongoing dispute between our Western countries and its allies. He said that we want to reduce this international issue of ongoing dispute as a crisis in Ukraine. We are taking meaningful steps in this direction. He said that we have appreciated India's side during this dispute that India is fully understanding this situation and is also seeing its impact. He is thinking for everyone.

During the meeting, External Affairs Minister of India S Jaishankar said that this meeting is taking place amid the Corona epidemic and the difficult international environment. He said that we have bilateral relations in many areas. India has always in favor of resolving differences through diplomacy.

This is the first visit of the Russian Foreign Minister to India since the Russian government launched an attack on Ukraine. Russia calls its action against Ukraine a special military operation.

Relations between India and Russia have been very good since India's independence. Explain that India is the biggest importer for Russia in terms of arms transfer. Russia has been instrumental in increasing the power and technical capability of the Indian Navy.

Russia has also contributed significantly in the establishment of nuclear power plants in India.

Let us tell you that Russia is such a close country with which India has not had any major differences. Work is being done by India to expand its reach in the Far East and Arctic region of Russia.

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