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Russian Astronauts Celebrate the Capture of Lysychansk in Space

Today is the 132nd day of the Russia-Ukraine war. President Vladimir Putin greets Russian soldiers after Russian forces captured the city of Lysychansk in Luhansk. Putin said, 'The soldiers who were involved in the capture of Lisichansk should rest, but other military units continue the war.' At the same time, after the capture of Luhansk, Russian astronauts celebrated in space on Monday.

The Russian Space Agency shared a photo of three astronauts celebrating with the flag of Russia-backed Eastern Ukraine. The Russian space agency 'Roscosmos' said - after a long time, this day had come, which the residents of the Luhansk region had been waiting for for eight years. Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky promised to regain all lost territory, including the city of Lysychansk, after Russia regains control of the entire Luhansk region.

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