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Russian army started nuclear drill amid tension with Ukraine, Putin took stock

During tensions with Ukraine, the Russian military on Saturday began military exercises of its nuclear forces. Russia and Belarus have started a 10-day military exercise. Russia's jets, helicopters, tanks, and paratroopers are involved in large-scale military exercises.

Meanwhile, America has advised Russia to reduce military forces. The mock drill started under Putin's watch. Let us tell you that President Putin himself is personally monitoring this military exercise being held on Saturday.

Long-range missiles have also been included in the exercise. Officials said maritime units from Russia's Eastern Military District have started joint exercises at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground in Belarus. In a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry, the marines can be seen landing in Mi-8 military helicopters and performing various tactical exercises.

Meanwhile, there is an atmosphere of fear in Ukraine as well and there is news that a soldier has also died in eastern Ukraine.

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