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Russia will Impose war on Ukraine before Beijing Olympics ends, US warns

Amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has said in a statement that Russia's policy of military action is "clear" from intelligence indications.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have reached a tipping point. Soldiers and weapons were deployed from both countries. Russia's war games with Belarus add to the potential for war. On the other hand, the NATO forces of the western countries have extended their cooperation to help Ukraine. Meanwhile, the United States has once again raised the possibility of a Russian attack on Ukraine. The United States has said it expects Russia to launch an attack on Ukraine before the end of the 2022 Beijing Olympics in China.

US troops stationed in Germany, Poland, and Armenia have not been sent to Ukraine to fight Russia. They will not go to war with Russia in Ukraine. They will only protect NATO territory from aggression. The White House said in a statement that the deployment was "defensive" and not intended to escalate tensions.

The attack could take place before the end of the Beijing Olympics

"The manner in which Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed his troops on the Ukrainian border, as well as the indications we have received from our intelligence services, clearly indicate that Russia is pursuing a policy of military action," the White House said in a statement. The United States has said in a statement that Russia will soon launch an attack on Ukraine.

The White House has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin may order military action and an attack on Ukraine on February 20, just before the end of the Beijing Olympics.

Russia, meanwhile, has sided with Ukraine on all three sides. More than a million Russian troops are stationed on the Ukrainian border. In Belarus, too, Putin's 30,000-strong military exercise is underway. The Russian navy has also deployed its destroyers in the Black Sea near Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has advised his citizens to leave Ukraine immediately after Russia's dangerous plans came to light

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