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Russia Ukraine War: Shocking information from Ukraine on the 38th day after the Russian invasion

Many cities are on the verge of collapse, and the inflammatory situation in Ukraine is slowly coming to the fore.

Kyiv: The war between Russia and Ukraine is still raging on the 38th day, and no country seems to be in the mood to withdraw. Many cities in Ukraine are on the verge of collapse due to Russia's constant attacks, and the country's inflammatory situation is slowly coming to the fore. According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Russia has so far destroyed 15 airports in Ukraine. (Russia Ukraine War Update News)

Russia's difficulty in transporting natural gas due to Ukraine's readiness to join NATO is the main reason behind the war. Russia has also launched a nuclear attack on a gas pipeline in Ukraine.

1232 civilians killed so far in Ukraine

In the Russia-Ukraine war, civilians and civilians have lost their lives. The United Nations says 1,232 Ukrainian civilians have been killed so far in the conflict. Also, 1,935 people have been injured in this war.

What did the President of Ukraine say?

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zhelensky has addressed the nation amid mounting attacks from Russia. 'We have to think about the future, forgetting what has happened so far. What will Ukraine be like after this war? What will your life be like? That fact must be taken into account. "

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