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Russia Ukraine Crisis: First tough US action against Russia; 'War is not over!

Mumbai, 23rd Feb: At a time when the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine is on the rise, the United States has taken the first major step and taken a tough decision on Russia.

The possibility of a war between Ukraine and Russia is growing. Tensions have risen since Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of two rebel regions in Ukraine. The United States has also taken the first drastic step after European countries like Britain, France and Italy announced sanctions against Russia. US President Joe Biden has made a big announcement while addressing the nation.

Biden addressed the nation and announced that economic sanctions were being imposed on Russia. Biden said sanctions were being imposed on two Russian financial institutions. Russia will no longer receive the assistance it receives from the West. Biden warned that trade and other issues would be severed. Russia has consistently violated international law.

Russia has declared war on Ukraine. The militancy there has come to the fore. We are keeping an eye on the tensions that have arisen between the two countries, Ukraine and Russia. We are taking steps to change the situation. "Although we have a variety of options open to us, we are currently in a defensive mode," Biden said.

We have no intention of war with Russia. We are working hard to prevent war. In the last two days, we have held several meetings and brainstormed. We want the tensions between Russia and Ukraine to be resolved and peace to be established. "We are in contact with the Ukrainian president," Biden said, adding that he feared Russia might invade Ukraine.

Russia has besieged Ukraine. We are keeping a close eye on what their next step will be. He also hinted that NATO countries would take the next step together. He further added that the supply of arms to Ukraine from the United States would continue.

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