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Russia to ban access to Instagram by Comming Monday

Amid the Russian-Ukraine war, Russia has announced to ban access to the Social media platform Instagram and has filed a criminal case against its owner Meta Platform Inc, as the company has claimed that it would acknowledge the post that calls for “death to the Russian invaders”. Since the onset of the Russian invasion, Moscow has many a time engaged in a confrontation with US-based social media platforms and recently has filed a criminal case against the owner of Instagram. Before this claim, Russia has also limited access to various other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The Russian communications and media regulator, Roskomnadzor, claimed that Russia took the step of limiting access to the enormously popular social media platform, Instagram as it was entertaining the post against Russia. He said that this platform “calls to commit violent acts against Russian citizens, including military personnel”. After making this announcement on Friday the minister assured that this decision would be enforced by the coming Monday.

To these claims made by Moscow, the Meta Global Affair President Nick Clegg described the temporary decision of Moscow as “taken in extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances”. He further added that " I wish to present an explicit response: our policies centers around protecting the rights of people and exhorting the victims to express themselves through this platform.

Their Right to speech of expression should be a strong response to the military action against their country. In addition, he also claimed that depriving the ordinary Ukrainians of their right of expressing their dissent against the military forces, by imposing the standard content policies, is unacceptable.

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