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Russia - France's discipline in Ukraine tensions; Hope the dialogue moves forward

Russia Ukraine Crisis: Russia has mobilized a large number of troops on the border with Ukraine. Therefore, it is feared that Russia will invade Ukraine.

"The Ukraine issue is an opportunity for NATO-Russia dialogue to move forward," French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday. Macron made the remarks after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russia has a large contingent of troops on the Ukrainian border. Therefore, it is feared that Russia will invade Ukraine. From there, the US and European countries are trying to put pressure on Russia. Russia has said it will not extend NATO membership to Eastern Europe. Russia's accession to NATO would lead to war between Russia and NATO. Putin also warned that no one would win the war. Tensions remain high despite days of debate over the issue. Against this background, Macron held discussions with the heads of both countries. "There is a way to reduce tensions," Macron said at a joint news conference with Zelensky in Kiev. Discussions are likely to progress from both sides. With this, we feel that the political discussion will go further. '

NATO has declared Russia an enemy. We are developing military facilities near our border. NATO and its member states feel they have the right to teach us where and how to deploy troops

Vladimir Putin did not reassure Macron.

"No assurances have been given by President Vladimir Putin to French President Emmanuel Macron," the Kremlin said in a statement on Tuesday. Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating "Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia's intelligence have been made more than once.

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