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Reports suggest that Russia holds the "Alina Festival" in honor of Putin's girlfriend

It seems Russia is holding a gymnastics festival. Many publications suggest that the festival is to honor Putin's girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva; the festival is being held amid the global criticism Mr. Putin is facing for invading Ukraine. According to a report in New York Post, the festival is named "Alina Festival" it was helmed by the Olympic champion. It seems that the festival took place last month. Still, it was only premiered on channels favoring Putin, channels as Russia 1 on Wednesday to mark the International Day for the protection of children.

A circulating video of the event shows hundreds of children and gymnasts performing on stage, and the Soviet Union's patriotic songs were played in the background.

According to a report, Kabaeva, who is reportedly Putin's girlfriend, is also seen in the video against a backdrop of black and orange striped Z, the letter that has become a symbol of support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

She also sees praising the Russian military and appears to link the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II to the current events in Ukraine. Mr. Putin has never acknowledged a relationship with Ms. Kabaeva, but many American agencies believe she is a mother of at least three children. She is known as "Russia's most flexible woman," and she has also spent six years as a member of parliament representing Mr. Putins United Russia Party.

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