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Reopening of Delhi Schools and Colleges from February 7; teacher vaccination mandatory: DDMA

Delhi: From February 7, 2022, Delhi Schools and Colleges will be allowed to reopen. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority, DDMA, has announced that schools will reopen for classes 9 to 12 in Delhi after the Covid-19 review meeting held today, on February 4, 2022. Detailed orders are still pending. Also, from February 14, 2022, the government will resume offline classes for Nursery and 8th grades .Furthermore, changes have also been made to the timings of the Delhi Night Curfew.

After holding consultations with Arvind Kejriwal and his government, the DDMA announced the reopening of Delhi Schools. In the meantime, the Delhi Schools have already been speculating about the possibility of resuming offline classes. The purpose of today's meeting was to review the COVID-19 situation in the capital since it appeared to have improved over the last few days. Furthermore, with COVID restrictions being relaxed in various states across the country, the focus was on Delhi for obvious reasons.

Students will be able to attend offline courses again now that Delhi Schools have been allowed to reopen. Online classes are planned to continue alongside individuals who are still unwilling to attend them. To ensure that no student misses out on anything, schools would have to arrange ahead of time to meet all students' schedules.

The reopening of Delhi School was first postponed last week when the DDMA agreed to relax some COVID restrictions, including the easing of the night curfew. Following that, it was decided that schools will continue to offer online classes, with a decision to be made at the next meeting. As a result, everyone involved in this event was looking forward to today's DDMA meeting.

Many parents hoped that Delhi Schools will reopen as soon as possible due to the tremendous learning loss. While some of them wrote to the government, others remained opposed to schools resuming offline classes because of the COVID-19 threat.

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