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Putin suffers "severe nausea."

Two teams of doctors reportedly rushed to Vladimir Putin's presidential quarters after the Russian leader complained about "severe nausea."

Independent has reported that Mr. Putin required "urgent medical care," which forced his paramedic team to call for additional doctors. According to various media reports, the medical team lasted for about three hours, and after this treatment, Putin's health improved; hence doctors left the premises.

According to New Zealand Herald, the telegram channel is run by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) lieutenant general who has claimed that, that in the coming weeks, Mr. Putin"will be replaced by a double" and even that "deep fake technology" could be used for many upcoming events.

However, the President has dismissed such speculations and said everything is fine with the health of the Russian leaders. "You know that Ukrainian information specialists, and American and British ones, have been throwing out various fakes about the state of the President's health in recent months -these are nothing but fakes, said one spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

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