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Putin's anger is not calm even after nine months of the war; Russian attacks again shake Ukraine

Even after nine months of the Ukraine war, the anger of Russian President Putin is not cooling down. Russia has been invading Ukraine anew after the attack on the Crimea Bridge.

Recently, Russia has fired several missiles at the capital Kyiv. Dozens of people were killed in these attacks. The world community also criticized Putin. Now again, Russia launched a slew of attacks on Monday morning, targeting vital infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other major cities in Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials gave this information. According to officials, these Ukrainian cities' water and electricity supply has been disrupted due to these attacks. It has been nine months since this war. Russia has stepped up its attacks targeting Ukraine's power plants and other major infrastructure. Large parts of Ukraine are already facing power cuts due to Russia's strategy. Russia's defense ministry said in a statement that its forces attacked Ukraine's military command and energy systems with long-range air and water weapons. The targets of these attacks were achieved.

All set targets were hit. Meanwhile, 12 grain-laden ships left Ukrainian ports on Monday despite Russian threats to re-impose a blockade that threatens a worldwide food crisis. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shyamal said Russian missiles and drones targeted 10 Ukrainian territories and damaged 18 infrastructures, primarily power plants. He said the consequences of the attack could have been dire if the Ukrainian military had not shot down most of the Russian missiles.

In his televised address, the head of the national police, Ihor Klymenko, said 13 people were injured in the morning's attacks. The Russian strikes are being seen as a retaliation for a drone strike by Ukraine on a Russian fleet in the Black Sea this weekend. Ukraine has denied allegations of these attacks. In the early morning hours, loud explosions were heard in many parts of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Several people preparing to work early in the morning received warning messages from the emergency department about missile strikes.

During this period, sirens of the threat of air strikes continued for about three hours in the city. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Kalitschko said the attacks had cut electricity and water supplies to a part of the Ukrainian capital. He said the water supply to about 80 percent of the people living in Kyiv has been disrupted. People have been asked to buy and store water from the nearest pump rooms and outlets.

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